The Herb Butler

The Herb Butler


The Herb Butler
The Herb Butler The Herb Butler The Herb Butler The Herb Butler The Herb Butler The Herb Butler

The Herb Butler, a handmade cabinet, fits perfectly in your kitchen. The Herb Butler houses 22 organic herbs, beeswax and teabags and is the tool to get you started on the path to living naturally. Easily access everything that you need to make organic tea, bath salts, body oils and salves.

Includes a Beginner’s Guide book and recipe cards

Made in the USA

Fits under your kitchen cabinet

All organic

Herbs Included in the Herb Butler

Large jar

  1. Nettles: nourishes core energy, helps deal with daily stress
  2. Dandelion leaf: diuretic, treats high blood pressure, detoxifying
  3. Calendula: heals wounds, antimicrobial, detoxifying
  4. Comfrey: astringent, anti-inflammatory, heals wound and bones
  5. Roses: mildly astringent, relaxing, aphrodisiac
  6. Oat seed: mild antidepressant, gently raises energy levels, supports nervous system
  7. Peppermint: helps ward off initial symptoms of cold and flu, helps digestive problems
  8. Lavender: excellent relaxant, relieves headaches, eases muscle spasms
  9. Hibiscus: good antioxidant, replaces electrolytes and quenches thirst
  10. Lemon balm: dispels melancholy, lifts the spirits, reduces feelings of panic
  11. Yarrow: heals wounds, regulate menstrual cycle, lowers high blood pressure
  12. Raspberry leaf: female reproductive support, mildly astringent
  13. Chamomile: soothes digestion, offers moderate calming effects
  14. Thyme: antiseptic, relieves muscle spasms, antioxidant, relieves bites and stings
  15. Rosemary: stimulates blood flow, raises spirits, aids recovery from long term stress and chronic illness
  16. Catnip: relieves stomach discomfort
  17. Beeswax
  18. Tea bags: 20 small teabags, 3 cloth bathtub tea bags


Small jar

  1. Rosehips: strengthen heart and brain, soothe sore throats
  2. Orange Peel: high Vitamin C, settles stomach, uplifing
  3. Cinnamon chips: stimulates circulation and blood flow, supports digestion
  4. Ginger root: relieves travel sickness, relieves symptoms of cold, flu and coughs
  5. Anise seed: reduce gas and bloating, settle digestion, ease nausea and indigestion
  6. Elderberry: help prevent and speed recovery from upper respiratory infections

Product Dimension: 17"H x 12"W x 4"D